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About AWS DynamoDB

AWS DynamoDB is a NoSQL database service that provides consistent performance and seamless scalability. The service is fully managed by Amazon and we can store any amount of data in the DynamoDb tables. The data is stored in SSD disks and replicated across Multiple Availability Zones in a region, thus providing high durability.

The Basics:

  1. DynamoDb is an AWS managed service, you don’t have to worry about hardware, setup and configuration, replication, patching, and scaling. Data is replicated over three availability zones in a region and stored in SSD drives.
  2. AWS charges for using DynamoDb table depends on provisioned capacity (in addition to storage). To reduce your AWS bill, you may reduce the provisioned capacity during light traffic and bring it back to appropriate values during normal traffic conditions. This activity does not interrupt the service.
  3. To get most out of provisioned throughput, design partition key of the table to have of distinct values (larger the number of distinct values, the better).
  4. If you don’t have a proper partition key design, your requests for read/write items

Custom Software Application

Apart from having additional knowledge about programming languages, a web developer/programmer should have fundamental knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle – SDLC. It constitutes of structure of diverse task used to develop the software application along with complete web application maintenance. A Large number of development companies develop software based on SDLC model, which enables in bug free and error free development of software for clients.

Lets discuss the diverse steps instigated in the software development life cycle, to stay ahead of other development partners, who are involved in customized web-based products.

  • Proper Planning– To accomplish any project, proper planning is must. A complete analysis and planning helps developers to fulfill the client’s requirement efficiently. Gathering complete information and sharing with the clients, helps to build transparent relations between the developers and clients.
  • Execution, Testing and Documentation of Plan– After planning comes the proper execution of the plan. Software programmers follow complete development procedure followed by software testing of applications. Documentation of internal designs supports developers in software application development effectively.
  • Deployment of Projects

Information about VPS Hosting

The other part of spectrum has dedicated hosting, where only your site gets housed, using a lone server, with all the resources dedicated only to your website. A VPS, or virtual private server, falls within these two extremes of the spectrum.

You’ll get a better understanding of VPS hosting and its working by comprehending what is a VPS. If we break it down to sections, we have:

  • Virtual – It’s not physical. It’s formed by or linked to software.
  • Private – It is meant to be used by you only.
  • Server – The place which stores data and files.

You can easily understand the private part. But when server and virtual exist simultaneously, it is not difficult to make out that a virtual server is a server-type setting produced by software.

Working of VPS Hosting

This software generated computing enables the housing of a virtual server inside a physical server, thus providing you some space in the midst of many other sites contained by that server. This virtual concealed server works independent of the physical server.

New View on Operating Systems

The present day solutions for PaaS, IaaS or SaaS, revolve around the concept of cloud computing and sometimes virtualization. Virtualization is not cloud computing.Virtualization only extends cloud computing, by facilitating the use of underlying resources. If there would be such a high level of abstraction, where the cloud and the internet of things start using the virtualization to an even higher level, where entire operating systems are being accessed via the cloud and manage to eliminate the need to have an end user/consumer need of an access point, such a solution would indeed be seen as a remake of present day status-quo of computers and internet.

The concept of OSaaS is not new, as Linux already released CoreOS, under the form of OSaaS. If OSaaS would be used as the general consumer standard, with enough functionality to allow world wide resource sharing, the Internet of Things and the Cloud would indeed change beyond human comprehension.

The definition of cloud computing, given by NIST is “Cloud computing is a model for enabling convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications, and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and

About Print Management Software

The term ‘Print Management’ has become increasingly commonplace within modern business, however still remains the source of confusion for many. Fundamentally, Print Management Software offers control and transparency. Organisations are able to understand and dictate where and how employees print, altering user behaviour in favour of firm objectives.

Simply speaking, people are lazy. A regular person will print to whichever printer is closest to them and won’t bother to manually change the settings of the associated driver to the most cost effective option. This explains the mountains of discarded and unnecessary paper prints left at devices, the rising recycling bins and all that excess colour printing. The effect for the business is simple and worrying: rising overheads.
However, Print Management Software offers a solution to these headaches by offering rules. Instead of printing an entire email thread, including some graphically beautiful but ink draining email banners to an inkjet, that job has been routed to a mono laser MFD – more than halving the cost.

The implementation of such systems also ensures that users think twice before printing – by attributing a real cost to every print job, the true tangible impact of every print becomes

Some Mistakes to Avoid With Staffing Software Data

1. Too few data back-ups (or none at all!)

Study completed by Symantec®, only 50% of respondents stated that their company had a data recovery plan in place. Perhaps even more disturbing, of the companies that had a plan in place, only 28% had actually tested their back-up solution to verify it would work. Are you in the 50% without a data recovery plan? Servers crash and hard drives fail. Power outages, fires, and natural disasters are rare but do happen. If you were to lose all of your company’s data today, would you still be in business tomorrow? What data back-up system do you have in place and how often are you backing up? These are critical questions that you do not want to be answering after a major hardware crash.

The Solution: Preparing in advance and having a set of protocols in place is the key to preventing unnecessary data loss. Schedule data back-ups to be performed on a nightly basis. Make sure that those back-ups are being saved to an off-premise server so if your office building is flooded or experiences a massive power outage, your data will be safely secured at an

Blue Screen of Death Errors

When Blue Screen Errors occur, you feel like throwing your PC out the window. It is a frustrating feeling as it locks down all your tasks and makes the computer impossible to use normally. It forces a restart leaving you with lost data. This is certainly a critical problem that must be addressed immediately.

Causes of BSOD

The thing that makes this error annoying is the fact that it can be caused by so many factors that it is normally difficult to pin down. It usually boils down to a critical hardware or software error, which reflects that relationship between your PC and your Windows Operating System.

Fixing Blue Screen Errors

Blue screen of death error codes can be fixed by utilizing the services of an automated tool or manual fix.

Why does this Blue Screen of Death happen to my Computer?

Many of us ask “why oh why is this happening to my PC?”It is a sign of frustration since their computers just won’t work properly. Computers have grown so complex over the years that fixing errors like these aren’t as simple as it seems. With a complicated setup leaves a

Advanced Software Solutions

Export Online Applications for Manufacturers and Exporters

Most of the U.S exporters, distributors and manufacturers should have knowledge about their end-users and also their ultimate users for their products. U.S government and other foreign government agencies always make and maintain sanctioned and denied party lists. Before starting to export the products or disclosure of the technical data to other countries, exporters should check their trade parties and end-users of their products.

The technical experts with their long years of experience and knowledge in EAR, ITAR, and OFAC compliance, offer solutions for trade party screening and maintaining export compliance. Some of the compliance services are

• Export classification of the items, software, and technologies
• Compliance assessments and audits
• Web-based restricted party screening and also trade party management software applications
• Export compliance program preparation
• License and exemption determination
• Processing jurisdiction and processing deemed export licenses for hiring
• On-site training by the experienced instructors

Export Classification:

The export control restrictions that are applicable to various products and technologies are totally related to the technical features and their functionality. One of the important steps to determine the export controls is to

All about Retail Software

There are indeed a lot of types of retail software that are being used to help business owners to monitor important information. The level of sophistication in retail software will greatly depend on the size and nature of the business.

Word processors, spreadsheets & presentation – These often require the person to type in information and can be used to monitor orders, customers and inventory. Small businesses can make use of these basic programs. For those who must track thousands of items or those with plenty of customers, you may need to opt for a more sophisticated software system.

Point of sale – This is a huge system that combines accounting programs, customer information compilation, inventory tracking, and other important information into a single program. Instead on investing separately, this option will allow business owners like you to monitor everything in one place. It makes running a business a lot easier and more efficient. Computer errors will certainly be minimized because you do not have to move information from one program to another.

As for the software’s price, it might range from very cheap to very expensive. The capabilities and sophistication of every program will

Cross Browser Testing

Why to conduct Cross Browser Testing?

A web application behaves exactly as desired in one browser but might have other issues in another browsers. So the issues will hamper the vigorous functionality of an application. The clients who look out for a professional application or a website can rely on cross browser testing which would help client applications in producing different results on different web browsers as they run in Applets, Flash, JavaScript requests and so on. The cross browser testing is not only essential for web browsers on personal computers like desktops or laptops but there is a serious need to extend cross browser testing to the ever progressing smart phones and tablets which have their own web browser capabilities.

How to conduct Cross Browser Testing?

You can perform cross browser testing in different ways. The most common way to get started is that there should be a checklist on the scope of functions that should be performed while developing a website or an application. This checklist will act as an array when you methodically open up the website or application in multiple browser or browser versions to verify the set of desired

Tips Stop Overspending on IT

Due to constrained IT budget you should:

  • Avoid connecting to the remote location into the central office existing domain, this would lead to hardware expenses. Additional hardware requirement for a remote branch Domain Controller (DC) server or a member server which may involve replication to that server from your primary domain controller resulting a high network resource usage in your wide area network. This bottleneck network usage may affect people who need to use the link for other purposes. Additional burden, overextended hours for current IT administrator that faces on maintaining Active Directory. If you want to use a member server as a shared file server there are more advanced cheaper cloud storage based solutions.
  • Avoid management software for remote offices nodes that requires a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection. On-premises management software requires a database server which is another add-on maintenance and again overextending hours for the current administrator’s role. On-cloud management software requires zero server on your premises and your adopting the concept of going green.

What is their current solution?

Connecting on each remote location using a remote access tool to perform maintenance tasks for multiple computers. Definitely, it would do the

Information about Power Query In Microsoft Excel

It is part of Microsoft’s Business Intelligence (BI) took kit or their Power BI along with Power Pivot, Power View and also Power Map. This powerful Add In can be used to extract, clean, transform and aggregate data from many data sources. It can load the result of the query directly into the Excel worksheet or load it into the Excel Data Model.

Power Query needs to be downloaded and installed after Excel has been installed on your machine. If you do not see the Power Query Tab then you may have to manually enable the Add In.

There are a few restrictions installing it on your PC. You will need Windows Vista or later if you want to use it on a PC and Windows 2008 or later if installing on a server. Be sure to choose the correct version, 32bit or 64bit depending on which version of Excel you are running and finally you will need.NET 3.5 Service Pack 1 and Internet Explorer 9 or later. You will automatically be notified by the Power Query Tab lighting up if an update or a new version is available for you to download.

Power Query

Tricks to Test Automation of Retail Applications

Feasibility Analysis:

  • Carrying out a Proof of Concept on the application.
  • Understanding the technical architecture of the application, the add ins depending on the technical architecture, the communication protocols, and the applicability of the automation tools and tool adapters.
  • A quantitative evaluation and comparative analysis of automation tools based on criteria with specific weightages.
  • A high level understanding of the application in order to modularize them.
  • A correct selection of scenarios to be tested.


  • Consider the ROI to assess the financial feasibility of the automation initiative.
  • Include long term investments in order to ensure a robust and re-usable automation suite.
  • Procure the right automation tool with the required add-ins in order to overcome the technical obstacles.
  • Wherever possible simulate actions and calls in order to ensure end-to-end test coverage.

Process and Methodology

  • Keyword Driven Framework: Modularization helps to maintain test scripts. Common functions can be scripted as re-usable functions/keywords which can be invoked by multiple scripts for different testing scenarios.
  • Data Parameterization: A robust automation script should be data driven and designed in a way that test data can be supplied and manipulated during runtime.
  • Early Automation: An automation framework that enables early automation or that which is built on

Tips Run Windows Programs in Android


Connect your Windows machine to your Smartphone or tablet using Microsoft Remote Desktop app.

This application gives you access to all the programs installed on your PC, but it works only with the certain edition of Windows. Particularly for Windows 7, you will need Ultimate, Professional, and Enterprise while for Windows 8; this utility is available in Pro and Enterprise editions only. In Windows 10, this utility is not available natively.

Given the fact that most of the people use home or basic editions on their PCs, it is not an ideal option.

Although Remote Desktop apps can be used on all Android devices, it will be better if you connect a tablet to your PC using this software instead of a smartphone because you will have to zoom and pan again and again while trying to navigate a Windows which is a fairly difficult task to do on a small screen.

After connecting the two devices, you can run Windows programs using Crossover, a software developed by CodeWeavers. This program was considered as a useful tool to run Windows programs on Mac or LINUX in past and made its appearance on

Must know about Online Bookmark Organizers

In contrast an online bookmark organizer uses tags to categorize your collection.

Tags are like folders, but more efficient. Folders are containers to hold your bookmarks. Tags are not containers. Tags are labels attached to bookmarks.

With tags you have one simple list of your bookmarks. Instead of browsing through folders, you filter your list by selecting one or more tags. You can see all your bookmarks at once or just what you are interested in.

Often you have a bookmark that should be in more than one folder, but this isn’t possible because a bookmark can only be in one folder at a time.

In contrast a bookmark can have as many tags as you want. This allows better organization and also avoids the complexity of nested folders.

Choosing an online bookmark organizer

There are many online bookmark organizers to choose from.

Some are free and have advertisements.

Others are not free, are subscription-based, and have no advertisements.

Some are social, meaning your bookmarks are shared with the public.

Others private and your bookmarks are not shared.

Here are some features of online bookmark organizers

About Software Product Deliverables

The software development procedure requires the common efforts of certain specialists who fulfill particular tasks using the appropriate tools and methodologies. The creating process starts with the analysis of customer’s needs and desires. The future product should be required by the end users.

What Helps to Form the Customer’s Requirements?

  • The specific teams gather the necessary information conducting surveys.
  • The specialists analyze the feedback from the other software products of the same field.
  • The information of competitive products is collected and examined.
  • The facts in magazines and newspapers are reviewed.
  • Focus groups may be involved to get the needed information.

After examining the data, the specifications are created. These documents contain the requirements to product system, features, design, etc. The whole further work is based on a set of specifications. The development process is rather complicated, so it should be scheduled in order to avoid the mass. The schedule shows the work done, the tasks which will be fulfilled soon, the time needed for performing the particular assignment, etc.

One may think that a developer simply sits and writes a code as he desires. It is not really so. Before beginning to create a code, a specialist writes

Use Visitor Management Software

Visitor management is all about controlling the building access and knowing who is in the building, at what time and for how long. Using a visitor management software can quickly and efficiently keep the wrong people out of your building and the right people in. It also reduces the risk of corporate theft. Here are the top reasons to use a visitor management software:

Improves Productivity – There are ways to pre-register your visitors electronically, if there are too many visitors expected in your building. Pre-registering helps in processing them fast when they enter the building. This system allows you to manage multiple visitors at a same time and helps in eliminating long lines in your lobby. You can integrate this software with existing systems like email and other security systems for enhanced security levels.

Increases Security – This is the basic function of a visitor management software. In case of any problem, you can easily identify a person by simply going through the records. Your building will stay safe from burglars and other people with bad intentions, when they will know that your building is under scrutiny.

Improves Visitor Service

All about Unreproducible Bugs

Imagine that a tester has created the bug report, and has accurately written the “steps to reproduce”. Now he wants to follow all these steps one-by-one to assure that it is a real bug. In the case of the same expected result occurrence, the bug may be considered as reproducible. In the opposite, the defect is called non-reproducible.

Certainly, there are other required fields to be filled in and special additional information about the error should be specified, e.g.: severity and priority, screenshots, expected result, and so on. However, the inability to repeat the “steps to reproduce” slows down the whole report.

When Is It Impossible to Reproduce a Bug?

  • The defect occurs only in the case of system restarting.
  • The error occurs randomly, for instance, only 2 users out of 5 are able to make an order from the App Store.
  • After many hours of examining the defect and finally reporting it in the bug tracker system, a tester founds out that it is not reproducible.

The above-mentioned situations are widespread in the software testing practice and only the most experienced and well-qualified testers do not give up and continue going to their main goal

Get Advantages Cloud Based Software

Disasters happen

Imagine that every single important business document is save on a flash drive, or, even worse, on one laptop. Then, imagine that a fire occurs, destroying everything in the building. Individuals that do not have all of their important documents saved on cloud based software will never see them again. Instead, they will be forced to start all over on a brand new computer. Those that are already utilizing the wonderful piece of technology will be able to simply go to their saved documents, and then they can download them on to their new computer to help get business up and running again as soon as possible after a disaster.


Cloud computing allows all of the employees in a business to work from anywhere and still be able to share data. Important documents and spreadsheets can be uploaded and shared, allowing individuals to see them and edit them from anywhere. This is ideal for individuals whose work is based from home, and for businesses that would like to cut back on the cost of owning and maintaining a large corporate office simply for their employees to work in. Thanks to this software,

Information of Mind Map in Software

Mind Map is the way to clear and graphically represent somebody’s conceptions and thoughts, using different symbols, words, colors, images, and lines. Performing either manual testing or automated testing, the specialist of QA area should firstly figure out the specification and essence of test process. The Mind Map may really assist in this.

Software product testing or mobile testing, being a creative and complex procedure, often requires from testers and developers unusual and specific way of thinking. Such useful technique of brain enhancement as Mind Mapping will significantly simplify the whole deal.

Why Is the Mind Mapping Technique Required in Software Testing?

  • It ensures test coverage.
  • It helps to easily present the management procedure.
  • It improves creativity thinking.
  • It is able to present all information at one location.
  • It is simple way to represent the desired data in an interesting manner.
  • It assists in distinguishing various fields in more attractive way.
  • It is an easy and low-cost operating model for representing a huge amount of data.

The beauty of this technique is that it is not monotonous and always suggests new fresh solutions for, seemingly, traditional test procedures. This model can be applied in order to increase a test team